Apr 17, 2017

A very useful study, from the Enlightenment until XX century.



The principle of linguistic relativism, stated as general as  possible

Linguistic relativism  until Whorf

The notion of language and thought in the Enlightenment

Hamann and Herder, the Romantic period

Humboldt’s    conception of linguistic relativism

Humboldt’s influence on Boas, Sapir, and Whorf

Whorf’s conception of linguistic relativism


Ascribing the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis to Whorf

The weak and strong variants of the Sapit-Whorf hypothesis

Empirical research

The    early    research tradition (1950-1980)

Color vocabulary research

Recent and current research (1990-2005)



Levinson and the Nijmegen group

The theoratical side of the matter

The careless, cigarette-fr

opping, half-blind, male worker

The great Eskimo vocabulary hoax

Counting is a handfull job

The empirical relevance of the matter

From correlation to causation

Variants and future research


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