Apr 9, 2008

Kant: Theoretical Philosophy after 1781


Kant, I. Theoretical Philosophy after 1781 (Edited by Henry Allison). Cambridge University Press.


General editors’ preface page xi
General introduction, by Henry Allison 1
Prolegomena to any future metaphysics that will be able to
come forward as science (1783) 29
Translated by Gary Hatfield
Metaphysical foundations of natural science (1786) 171
Translated by Michael Friedman
On a discovery whereby any new critique of pure reason is to
be made superfluous by an older one (1790) 271
Translated by Henry Allison
What real progress has metaphysics made in Germany since
the time of Leibniz and Wolff? (1793/1804) 337
On a recently prominent tone of superiority in philosophy (1796) 425
Settlement of a mathematical dispute founded on
misunderstanding (1796) 447
Proclamation of the imminent conclusion of a treaty of
perpetual peace in philosophy (1796) 451
Translated by Peter Heath
Editorial notes 461
Glossary 500
Index of names 519
Index of subjects 522

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