Apr 15, 2008

Tim Lewens - The philosophy of biology: a selection of readings and resources

link: hps.cam.ac.uk

The literature on the philosophy of biology is enormous; what follows only scratches the surface. Here I have restricted myself mainly to evolutionary biology, although there are short sections on evolutionary epistemology and evolutionary ethics. I have tried to include a handful of the best, the most interesting or the most often slated books and articles under each topic heading. These selections are intended as starting points for the interested student. Those who want to go further will have to follow their noses. Sterelny and Griffiths (1999) provide useful assistance to nose followers in the form of very up-to-date reading lists at the end of each of their chapters. Their book would also be a good starting point for researchers interested in topics that are not covered here – for example, issues in the philosophy of molecular biology and the philosophy of ecology, or traditional questions for philosophy of biology such as how to define life and how to define fitness.

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