Nov 22, 2010

Interview with Dr. Henri Baruk (1996)

French psychiatrist, specialist in neuropsychiatry, and director at L’Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne, University of Paris, Henri Baruk is also a member of the National Academy of Medicine (Paris) and honorary member of the American International Academy.

Baruk believes in what he calls “moral psychiatry.” For this reason, he has studied the Talmud and the Bible in addition to medicine. It is Baruk’s philosophy that charity and justice, as well as science, must prevail if humans want to grow and even survive. Baruk is responsible for the creation of a neural laboratory for the study of catatonia at the Sorbonne.

His many books include Hebraic Civilization and the Science of Man (World Federation for Mental health, 1961); Tsedek: Where Modern Science is Examined and Where It is Attempted to Save Man from Physical and Spiritual Enslavement (Swan House, 1972); and the best seller Patients are People Like Us: The Experiences of Half a Century in Neuropsychiatry (Morrow, 1977).

Dr. Henri Baruk

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